qgis_deployment_toolbelt.cli module

Main command-line.

qgis_deployment_toolbelt.cli.add_common_arguments(parser_to_update: ArgumentParser, add_verbosity: bool = True, add_proxy: bool = True)

Apply common arguments to an existing parser.

  • parser_to_update (argparse.ArgumentParser) – parser to which arguments need to be added

  • add_verbosity (bool, optional) – if enabled, add –verbose. Defaults to True.

  • add_proxy (bool, optional) – if enabled, adds –proxy-http. Defaults to True.


parser with added options

Return type:


qgis_deployment_toolbelt.cli.main(in_args: list[str] = None)

Main CLI entrypoint.


in_args (List[str], optional) – list of command-line arguments. Defaults to None.

qgis_deployment_toolbelt.cli.set_default_subparser(parser_to_update: ArgumentParser, default_subparser_name: str, args: list = None)
Set a default subparser to a parent parser. Call after setup and just before

parse_args(). See: <https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5176691/argparse-how-to-specify-a-default-subcommand>

  • parser_to_update (argparse.ArgumentParser) – parent parser to add

  • default_subparser_name (str) – name of the subparser to call by default

  • args (list, optional) – if set is the argument list handed to parse_args().

  • None. (Defaults to)