qgis_deployment_toolbelt.jobs.job_qgis_installation_finder module

Tools to find installed QGIS version

Author: Jean-Marie KERLOCH (https://github.com/jmkerloch)

class qgis_deployment_toolbelt.jobs.job_qgis_installation_finder.JobQgisInstallationFinder(options: dict)

Bases: GenericJob

Class to find installed QGIS version

ID: str = 'qgis-installation-finder'
OPTIONS_SCHEMA: dict = {'if_not_found': {'condition': 'in', 'default': 'warning', 'possible_values': ('warning', 'error'), 'required': False, 'type': <class 'str'>}, 'version_priority': {'condition': None, 'default': None, 'possible_values': None, 'required': False, 'type': (<class 'list'>, <class 'str'>)}}
__init__(options: dict) None

Instantiate the class. :param options: job options :type options: dict

get_installed_qgis_path() str | None

Get list of installed qgis


installed qgis path

Return type:

str | None

run() None

Define QDT_QGIS_EXE_PATH for shortcut creation

run_needed() bool

Check if job run is needed


return True if job must be run, False otherwise

Return type: