Plugins synchronizer#

This job synchronize plugins between those stored locally (typically downloaded by the Plugins Downloader job) and the installed plugins.

Use it#

Sample job configuration in your scenario file:

  - name: Synchronize plugins
    uses: qplugins-synchronizer
      force: false



Tell the job what to do with plugins in installed profiles:


  • create: add plugins if they are not present

  • create_or_restore: add plugins if not present and replace eventual existing one

  • remove: remove plugins which are not listed


Which profile.json file to use as reference.


  • downloaded: read plugins from the local downloaded (synchronized) profiles before they are copied in to the user QGIS 3 data.

  • installed: read plugins from the installed profiles (folders in user data QGIS3). Useful when using a scenario without the qprofiles-manager job. Be careful: if the end-user edits the profile.json file located directly into the QGIS profile folder to control the plugins synchronization.

Default: ~/.cache/qgis-deployment-toolbelt/plugins


Where to find plugins zip files.

Possible_values: a valid path to an existing folder

Default: ~/.cache/qgis-deployment-toolbelt/plugins

How does it work#


  1. List plugins archives into the source folder. Default: ~/.cache/qgis-deployment-toolbelt/plugins

  2. Parse profiles installed

  3. Compare plugin versions between referenced in profile.json and the one installed

  4. If version plugin in installed profile is inferior, unzip the download plugin in installed profiles