qgis_deployment_toolbelt.jobs.job_plugins_synchronizer module

Synchronize plugins between downloaded and installed profiles.

Author: Julien Moura (https://github.com/guts)

class qgis_deployment_toolbelt.jobs.job_plugins_synchronizer.JobPluginsSynchronizer(options: dict)

Bases: GenericJob

Job to download and synchronize plugins.

ID: str = 'qplugins-synchronizer'
OPTIONS_SCHEMA: dict = {'action': {'condition': 'in', 'default': 'create_or_restore', 'possible_values': ('create', 'create_or_restore', 'remove'), 'required': False, 'type': <class 'str'>}, 'profile_ref': {'condition': None, 'default': 'installed', 'possible_values': ('downloaded', 'installed'), 'required': False, 'type': <class 'str'>}, 'source': {'condition': None, 'default': None, 'possible_values': None, 'required': False, 'type': <class 'str'>}}
__init__(options: dict) None

Instantiate the class.


options (dict) – job options.

install_plugin_into_profile(list_plugins_to_profiles: list[tuple[QdtProfile, QgisPlugin, Path]])

Unzip downloaded plugins into the matching profiles.


list_plugins_to_profiles (List[Tuple[QdtProfile, QgisPlugin, Path]]) – list of tuples containing the target profile, the plugin object and the ZIP path.

run() None

Execute job logic.