qgis_deployment_toolbelt.utils.tree_files_reader module

Reader for qdt-files.json generated with tree.

class qgis_deployment_toolbelt.utils.tree_files_reader.Treeitem

Bases: TypedDict

contents: list[dict] | None
name: str
type: str
qgis_deployment_toolbelt.utils.tree_files_reader.tree_to_download_list(tree_array: list[Treeitem], rel_path: str = '') list
Parse tree structure and return a list of files to download with relative

paths to the base URL. It’s meant to be used as recursive funciton to iter through the tree structure.

  • tree_array (list[TreeItem]) – input array from tree JSON structure.

  • rel_path (str, optional) – relative path to resolve from. Defaults to “”.


list of files paths relative to the base URL.

Return type: